Author Topic: Sekret III wojny światowej !!  (Read 1532 times)

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Sekret III wojny światowej !!
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Dostępne napisy PL w CC
Secrets of world war 3 - Please share !!! (10:00)

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Kit Montrose
I have worked in classified projects for most of my career including a 10 year stint out in the desert 90 miles outside of Las Vegas. And no I cannot run my mouth about such things. I do find this subject fascinating. However, the ratio of good ET contact to hostile ET contact is about 1 good to 59,258 hostile. If you took a child out of their home in the middle of the night you’re looking at 25 to life, and that's if mamma doesn't get to you first. New age folk have huge hearts, unfortunately at the cost of critical thinking.
When ET harvests human eggs from a female they do so with a 14 inch needle inserted through the navel with no anesthesia, more an act of herd management than that of a benevolent being. This type of presentation is based on testimony and some science. That should not discredit it's subject matter, if so the Bible is all testimony and slim on the science. We already know the kettle is black. move on.
So how about science? OK. this we know, someone or something is penetrating our nuclear weapons facilities with disk craft that are beyond our known technology (to the public). they are disabling these defenses. This info comes from launch officers reports, radar telemetry, fighter intercepts, anti-aircraft engagements and sworn testimony. Unfortunately, the New age types cheer this on without realizing that without those systems we are defenseless. Our ICBMS launch multiple warheads into space and were the first systems put on line for defense against space based targets. The public has never figured that out. If we wanted to nuke Mother Russia we would use cruise missiles. Flight characteristics of disc craft are mind boggling. Judging from their actions, they have a real concern with nukes. They probably are concerned we could destroy the planet, and take them with it. They have forced us into a position of detonating these weapons in place as our only defense. They abduct 10 million people or so a year, absolutely brutalize them; bring them back so we can blame them for being raped. Shame on us. The only people who have any compassion for them are the intelligence organizations that in turn also abduct them in an attempt to gather intelligence on their abductors. After all this time we still do not know for certain who they are. We are reasonably certain they are working for someone else. Wildlife management comes to mind. The only thing we have managed to do for certain is piss them off bad enough for them to send in their middle management types to sell us their company line. The bottom line is these are at best indifferent, and at worse, hostile acts against the human race.
If their rebooting the human race, well for us, if their rebooting some of the human race, maybe not so well for the rest. Neanderthal seemed to be minding their own business too. Either way, they are still the ranchers or we are still the heard.
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Odp: Sekret III wojny światowej !!
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- Secrets of world war 3 - Please share !!!
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